We are a strategic business consultancy group, member of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and a partner of the Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce from Romania.

We focus on business development and cooperation between two continents – Europe and Asia, putting all our resources and know-how to work for the benefit of our extended network of partners and to ensure trans-continental growth.

Our objective is to bring together key decision makers from both the private and the public sector across Europe and Asia, and to facilitate trading and the exchange of expertise between trade partners, such as to improve business networking, trade regulations of agricultural markets, as well as to enhance modern and sustainable agricultural practices.

We deliver first-class trade consulting services, facilitating logistics, effective market research and training for our partners, to help them achieve their trading goals in a shorter time frame and with the efficient use of business resources.

We are also keen to develop bridges of cooperation between European and Asian investors and the Romanian authorities, ministries, government agencies, the Euro-Asian Business Centre being able to operate as a nodal point between all the companies that would be interested to work with Romanian partners.

What differentiates us in terms of consultancy and business management:

  • Our growing list of partners who search for business ventures and opportunities, partners from both European and Asian territories
  • Our expertise in the development of industrial parks, agribusinesses , farming and sustainable agriculture programs
  • Our extended experience in logistics and supply chain management
  • Our highly skilled employees
  • Our numerous investment programs in Romania or other European countries, as well as investment programs in Asian countries
  • Our goal to promote good agricultural, trade and industrial practices, taken from varied trans-continental exchange programs we develop for our partners
  • Honesty, trustworthiness and the high ethical standards we follow
  • Our strong connection with Romanian authorities, ministries and government officials, as well as members of the Asian local governments, industry leaders and major companies
  • Our knowledge and deep understanding of the culture, language and regulatory systems, which govern each Asian market of interest.