We offer:

  1. Extensive aid available for researching the European and Asian marketplace as well as assistance for an appropriate and successful integration of your company’s products and services into specific markets. We assist our partners with market entry strategies that will dramatically increase probabilities to success in those territories.
  2. The development of a marketplace entry strategy for your company’s product.  In order to do a thorough market research we must fully understand key market and industry information related to your particular product(s) or services and we pride ourselves in working very diligently in this area.
  3. Assistance with the promotion of your product in the marketplace through the use of our numerous connections within the business sector as well as with the organisation of promotional events, newspaper articles and other forms of media attention.
  4. Arrangements to connect you to and assist you with building lasting relationships with your buyers, suppliers, partners, industry leaders and local governments. We will facilitate contract negotiations, preparing you for the shift into international sales. We can assist you in setting up overseas offices too.
  5. We create occasions for our partners to attend trade agricultural missions, exhibitions, and conferences in European and Asian countries related to trading and investments.